First Year Advising

The First Year Advising Program is a campus-wide program that is implemented by the college in numerous ways. Throughout the year, the Stevenson advisers will be offering workshops, sending you important information and reminders, and providing resources for you to begin to define your educational goals.  The program seeks to develop a partnership between student and adviser(s) empowering you to take ownership of your education.

The primary goal of First Year Advising is to provide you with a successful transition into the university and assist you in finding the resources you need to develop and self-manage your educational plans. Another very important goal is for you to either confirm or choose a proposed major by the end of your first year (by the end of your second quarter of enrollment for transfer students). If you have already chosen a major, you can declare anytime.

To get started, click here to learn more about the First Year Advising program and how we hope to provide you with the tools to self-manage your academic plans and goals. 


First Year Advising Checklist

Get Involved!

Review of Publications

Connecting with Faculty

Setting Academic Goals

Learning about Yourself: Skills, Abilities, Values, Goals, Personality

Learning About Majors and Career Fields

First Year Advising Newsletters