Academic Life at Stevenson College

Stevenson offers a rich array of academic programming for the benefit of Stevenson students and the UCSC campus. In addition to the Core Course, Stevenson offers a course on the improvement of study skills which will be offered again in 2016-17 (Stevenson 10). Stevenson's extremely popular "Rainbow Theater" course offers students hands-on experience creating multi-cultural theater (Stevevenson 80H). Stevenson College is excited to be the host college for the Experiential Leadership Program at UCSC, a new series of classes designed to result in a certificate of leadership skills (Stevenson 11A, etc.). 

Students at Stevenson may also work one-on-one with a faculty member to develop an individual studies course. Interested students should contact an academic adviser.

Stevenson sponsors a rich faculty lecture series, where faculty fellows of the college discuss their current research. These lectures inspire wide discussion among faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates.

Stevenson Faculty and Distinguished Alumni Lectures in Recent Years:

2017-18 Academic Year

  • Laura Rosenzweig, UCSC Alumni, "The Story of Hollywood’s Spies"
  • Alice Yang, Stevenson Provost, "And Then They Came For Us"

2016-17 Academic Year

  • Ivy Sichel, Associate Professor of Linguistics, "Ideology and Identity in the Revival of Spoken Hebrew"
  • Alma Rachel HeckmanAssistant Professor of History & Jewish Studies, "The Politics of Belonging"

2015-16 Academic Year

  • Elaine Sullivan, Assistant Professor of History, "Past Time, Past Place"
  • Grant Mcguire, Associate Professor of Linguistics, "Hearing Gender"

2014-15 Academic Year

  • Jaye Padgett, Professor of Linguistics, "What Irish Gaelic Tells Us About All Linguistic Sound Systems"
  • Beth Haas, Professor of History, "M: Mother, Mountains, Migration, and Memory"

2013-14 Academic Year

  • Noriko Aso, Associate Professor of History, "Mitsukoshi at War: Rationalizing Luxury"
  • Maziar Toosarvandani, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, "Talking about time in a language without tense"

2012-13 Academic Year

  • Adrian Brasoveanu, Associate Professor Linguistics, "Scales of Negativity"
  • Marilyn Westerkamp, Professor of History, "Gracious Invaders and Frightened MagistratesGender, Charisma, and the Limits of Political Power in Seventeenth Century New England"

2011-12 Academic Year

  • Alice P. Mead, "How Can a Marijuana Product Become an Accepted Medical Option?"
  • Jerome Neu, Professor of Humanities, "More Speech, Better Speech as the Best Defense"
  • Tom Adams, "Life in Media: From Homer to the iPad"
  • Bruce Thompson, Lecturer in History and Literature, "Justice in Genesis"
  • Charles Hedrick, Professor of History, "Matthew and the Historical Jesus"
  • Gershom Gorenberg, UCSC alumnus on his forthcoming book, "The Unmaking of Israel"
  • Jerome Frisk, Lecturer, "Taoism: Returning to the Place of Our Beginnings"
  • Raoul Birnbaum, Professor and Patricia and Rowland Rebele Endowed Chair in History of Art and Visual Culture, "Lotus Sutra"
  • Pranav Anand, Assistant Professor, Linguistics, "All I Want are Some Honest Answers to My Questions: Tracking Argumentation and Stance in Online Political Debate"
  • Matt O'Hara, Associate Professor, History, "Universality and Difference in Colonial Mexico"

2010-11 Academic Year

  • Dr. Terrence Roberts, "Simple, Not Easy; Reflections on Social Responsibility and Race"
  • Professor Matt Wagers, "Grammar on the Trailing Edge of the Conscious Present: What We Can Learn about Memory form Language Processing"
  • Professor Mark Cioc, "I Can See Mexico from My House": The Role of El Paso, Texas, in the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920)
  • Professors Ellen Suckiel and Mary Rorty, "Advance in Biotechnology and Medicine: Stretching the Moral Boundaries"
  • Professor Gregg Herken, "A History Mystery: Was J. Oppenheimer, 'Father of the Atomic Bomb,' a Soviet Spy?"; Spring 2011

2009-10 Academic Year

  • Armin Mester, Professor of Linguistics, "Shades of Foreignness;" Spring 2010 
  • Sally Sedgwick, "Reason and History: Kant versus Hegel;" Spring 2010
  • Forrest Robinson, Professor of American Studies, "My Mark Twain;" Winter 2010

2008-09 Academic Year

  • James McCloskey, Professor of Linguistics, "Sex and the Irish Language;" Spring 2009
  • Jonathan Kirsch, "Harlots, Holy Books, and History: Confessions of a Vulgarizer;" Spring 2009
  • Mark Traugott, Professor of History, "The Revolutionary Barricade: How it Originated and What it Teaches Us about how History is Written;" Winter 2009

2007-08 Academic Year

  • Junko Ito, Professor of Linguistics, "What Anime and Karaoke Have In Common: A linguistic Perspective"; Spring 2008
  • Buchanan Sharp, Professor of History, "Kings, Commoners, and Food: The Moral Economy in Medieval England"; Winter 2008
  • John R. Rickford, "African American Vernacular English, LInguistics, and the Black/White Achievement Gap in American Schools", Fall 2008

2006-07 Academic Year

  • Jonathan Beecher, Professor of History, "The Making and Unmaking of a Christian Bolshevik: The Soviet Years of Pierre Pascal"; Spring 2007
  • Jaye Padgett, Professor of Linguistics, "Perception and Linguistic Sound Systems;" Winter 2006

2005-06 Academic Year

  • Isebill Gruhn, Professor of Politics Emerita, "Africa—Continent in Crisis: Does it Matter?;" Spring 2006
  • Donka Farkas, Professor of Linguistics, "A Transylvanian in Search of Meaning;" Fall 2005

2004-05 Academic Year

  • Peter Kenez, Professor of History, "Autobiography and History;" Spring 2005
  • Jorge Hankamer, Professor of Linguistics, "What Can Computers Tell Us About Turkish?;" Winter 2005