Stevenson Faculty

Faculty at Stevenson College

The Stevenson College faculty are scholars of wide national and international distinction. Their commitment to cutting-edge research is matched by their excellence as classroom teachers. They represent a broad range of fields in the humanities, physical and biological sciences, and social sciences. The College is home to the Department of Linguistics.

Stevenson Fellows

Neel Ahuja, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Feminist Studies, specializing in the relationship of the body to the geopolitical and environmental contexts of colonial governance, warfare, and security.

Judith Aissen, Linguistics, specializing in Formal and functional syntax; Morphosyntax of Mayan languages; Optimality Theory, Emeritus.

David Anthony, History, specializing in the Americas and Africa.

Dane Archer, Sociology, specializing in Violence, war, and peace; applied research and public policy; cross-national research; verbal and nonverbal communication; social psychology; research methods; crime and law.

Elliot Aronson, Psychology, Emeritus.

Noriko Aso, History, with an expertise in Modern Japanese history.

Neda Atanasoski ,Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Feminist Studies, specializing in the areas of U.S and Eastern European media and cultural studies, with a focus on the politics of religion and sexuality, postsocialism, human rights and humanitarianism, and war and nationalism

Murray Baumgarten, Literature and Jewish Studies, specializing in Jewish and urban cultures; Charles Dickens.

Jonathan F. Beecher, History, specializing in French history, European intellectual history, Russian intellectual history, utopian socialism, Emeritus.

Ilan Benjamin, Chemistry and Biochemistry, specializing in Theoretical Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics of Chemical Reactions in Liquids, Theory of Energy Transfer and Relaxation in the Condensed Phase, Computational Methods Development.

Peter H. Bodenheimer, Astronomy and Astrophysics, specializing in theoretical astrophysics, particularly in numerical calculations of stellar evolution.

Rebecca Braslau, Chemistry and Biochemistry, specializing in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Organic Free Radicals, Nitroxides, Development of Tailored Materials for Applications of Nanotechnology.

Adrian Brasoveanu, Linguistics, specializing in semantics and pragmatics, corpus linguistics, and optimality theory.

Frank G. Bridges, Physics, specializing in coupling between the crystal lattice and the electron system in correlated electron systems, the unusual properties of tunneling defect atoms, and the surface contact sticking between very cold frost-coated surfaces.

Alan Christy, History, specializing in Japanese and East Asian history, Okinawa, and historiography and memory.

Mark Cioc, History, specializing in Europe.

Catherine R. Cooper, Psychology and Education, specializing in Cultural perspectives on adolescent development, linkages among families, peers and schools. discourse analysis, issues of ethnicity and gender in relationships; research, practice, and policy in university outreach programs; mixed-methods research with qualitative-quantitative designs and analysis.

Vilashini CooppanLiterature, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, specializing in postcolonial studies; comparative and world literature; literatures of slavery and diaspora; globalization studies; cultural theory of race and ethnicity.

Nathaniel Deutsch, History and Literature, specializing in Modern Jewish history; Hasidism; African American Islam; history of eugenics in the United States.

Michael Dine, Physics, specializing in Standard model and beyond, especially supersymmetry, superstrings and cosmology.

G. William Domhoff, Psychology, Emeritus.

Donka Farkas, Linguistics, specializing in formal semantics and pragmatics; Semantics of noun phrases; Semantics of mood; Romanian; French; Hungarian.

Dana Frank, History, specializing in U.S. social and cultural history, labor history, gender studies, working-class history and culture, comparative ethnic studies, contemporary political economy, and modern Central America.

Hiroshi Fukurai, Sociology, specializing in Law, Jury, Crime, and Race.

Robert E. Garrison, Earth Sciences, Emeritus.

Marvin J. Greenberg, Mathematics, Emeritus.

Isebill V. Gruhn, Politics, Emeritus, specializing in international and transnational institutions and international law.

Howard E. Haber, Physics, specializing in particle theory: standard model, especially Higgs phenomenology; supersymmetry phenomenology.

Phillip L. Hammack, Psychology, specializing in sexual and gender identity diversity in social, historical, and political context.

Craig W. Haney, Psychology, specializing in application of social psychological principles to legal studies, assessment of the psychological effects of living and working in institutional environments, social contextual origins of violence, development of alternative legal and institutional forms.

Jorge Hankamer, Linguistics, specializing in Syntax; Semantics; Morphology; Computational linguistics; Turkish.

David M. Harrington, Psychology, specializing in the ecology of creativity, longitudinal studies of creatively active adolescents, personality and situational assessments, research methods and data analysis.

Alma Heckman, History, specializing in Modern Jewish History, North Africa and the Middle East, Labor History, Transnational Jewish Political Activism, Colonialism, Nationalism, Third Worldism and Syncretism.

Christine Hong, Literature, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Asian American literature and cultural criticism; African American literature and black freedom studies; Korean diasporic cultural production; Pacific Rim studies; postcolonial theory; comparative critical race studies; human rights; law and literature; narrative theory; film and visual studies

Minghui Hu, early modern Chinese history (1600-1900).

Aida Hurtado, Psychology, specializing in social identity, feminist theory, social psychology of education, survey methodology.

Junko Ito, Linguistics, specializing in Phonology, Morphology, Optimality Theory, German, Japanese.

Catherine Jones, History, specializing in the Americas and Africa.

Al Kelley, Mathematics, Emeritus.

Peter Kenez, History, specializing in Europe, Emeritus.

Kenneth Kletzer, Economics, specializing in international economics, economic theory, economic development.

Joseph P. Konopelski, Chemistry and Biochemistry, specializing in Organic Synthesis, Synthetic Methodology, Asymmetric Synthesis, Heterocycles, Bioorganic Chemistry.

Robert P. Kraft, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Emeritus.

Jean H. Langenheim, Biology, Emeritus.

Robert A. Levinson, Computer Science, specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, heuristic search, knowledge representation, associative pattern retrieval and machine creativity.

Ronnie D. Lipschutz, Politics, specializing in international relations; international political economy; foreign policy; resource/environmental politics; global political networks; global civil society; film, fiction, and politics; technology and society; states of terror.

James McCloskey, Linguistics, specializing in Syntax; Syntax-Semantics interface; Celtic languages; Non-standard varieties of English.

Dennis C. McElrath, Sociology, Emeritus.

Steven McKaySociology, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Center for Labor Studies, specializing in Labor and labor markets, political sociology, globalization and social change, migration and racial formation, Southeast Asia.

Armin Mester, Linguistics, specializing in Phonology; Prosodic Morphology; Optimality Theory; Japanese, Latin.

Marcia Millman, Sociology, specializing in social psychology; medical sociology; fieldwork methods; deviance and conformity; social interaction; the family; occupations and professions.

Nick MitchellFeminist Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, specializing in the social arrangements of knowledge and the ways that knowledge and its institutional practices arrange social worlds.

Marcia Ochoa, Feminist Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, specializing in transgender studies, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, Latina/o studies, media and cultural studies, ethnography of media, feminism, queer theory, multimedia production, Latin American studies - Colombia and Venezuela, citizenship and social participation, Social Documentation, colonial historiography.

Matt O'Hara, specializing in Mexico and Latin America; religion; race, ethnicity, and identity; political culture; history of time.

Gregory O'Malley, History, specializing in colonial British America and the Caribbean; the Atlantic world; slavery and the slave trade 

Jaye Padgett, Linguistics, specializing in Phonology; Phonetics; Optimality Theory; Russian.

Thomas F. Pettigrew, Psychology, Emeritus.

Juan PobleteLiterature, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, specializing in nineteenth century Latin America and contemporary Latino American (US-Latin America) culture.

Ira Pohl, Computer Science, specializing in object-oriented programming and topics in software methodology.

Cynthia Polecritti, History, specializing in Europe.

Eric Porter, History, History of Consciousness, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, specializing in Black cultural and intellectual history; US cultural history and cultural studies; critical race and ethnic studies; popular music and jazz studies; black radicalism; urban studies.

Anthony R. Pratkanis, Psychology, specializing in social influence; attitude structure, function, and change.

Ralph H. Quinn, Psychology.

Craig Reinarman, Sociology, specializing in law, crime, and social justice; drugs in society; political sociology.

Forrest Robinson, Humanities, specializing in American literature and culture, the American novel, regional literature, California studies, popular culture, and American cultural theory.

Donald T. Saposnek, Psychology.

Felicity Amaya SchaefferFeminist Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, specializing in Transnational feminism, migration, Latin American/Latino studies, Chicana/o studies, technology and the body, sexuality.

Peter L. Scott, Physics, Emeritus.

Buchanan Sharp, History, specializing in Europe, Emeritus.

Priscilla W. Shaw, English and Comparative Literature, Emeritus.

Ivy Sichel, Linguistics, specializing in nominal structure, the syntax and semantics of pronouns, event/argument structure, and language’s relationship to society and identity. 

Ellen Suckiel, Philosophy, specializing in ethics, William James, American philosophy, genetic ethics, ethics of biotechnology, Emeritus.

Marshall Sylvan, Mathematics, Emeritus.

Hirotaka Tamanoi, Mathematics, specializing in topology, particularly elliptic cohomology theory which is closely related to geometry and representation theory of loop groups and loop spaces, quantum field theory, and conformal field theory.

Kip Tellez, Education, specializing in teacher education, preparation of teachers for linguistic and cultural diversity, second language learning, studies of the school curriculum, educational assessment.

David Thomas, Politics, Emeritus.

Avril Thorne, Psychology, specializing in identity development through personal memory telling; development of meaning in adolescents’ self-defining memory narratives; family story telling and the development of a sense of self; narrative co-construction of identity and intimacy.

Mark Traugott, History, specializing in Europe, Emeritus.

Michael E. Urban, Politics, specializing in Russian politics, post-communist transitions, U.S.-Russian relations, political language and ideology, revolution.

Matt Wagers, Linguistics, specializing in psycholinguistics, experimental syntax, language and comprehension, and memory.

Howard H. Wang, Biology, Emeritus.

Manfred K. Warmuth, Computer Science.

Richard A. Wasserstrom, Philosophy, Emeritus.

Mary Susan Weldon, Psychology, specializing in cognitive psychology.

Marilyn J. Westerkamp, History, specializing in the Americas and Africa.

Harold Widom, Mathematics, Emeritus.

Karen Tei YamashitaLiterature, Creative Writing, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, specializing in history and anthropology of Japanese immigration to Brazil; Asian American literature; modern fiction; playwriting.

Alice Yang, History, specializing in historical memory, Asian American history, gender history, race and ethnicity, 20th-century U.S., and oral history.

Zhiwu Zhu, Biology, specializing in model systems of molecular mechanisms of metal homeostasis.

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Stevenson Lecturers

Bruce Thompson, History; specializing in European intellectual and cultural history, French history, American Jewish intellectual and cultural history, British and Irish history, history of cinema, history of espionage.

Caren Camblin

Don Williams, Theater Arts, Cultural Arts & Diversity.

Edward Kehler, History; specializing in European political and social history, with a focus on the history of modern Germany, the Low Countries, and Eastern Europe.

Geoff Childers, Philosophy; specializing in Plato and Socrates, the historical Jesus, the Hebrew Bible, and alumni career paths.

Jonathan Mock, Languages; specializing in Hindi and Urdu fiction, classical and modern Urdu poetry, South Asian linguistics and languages of northern Pakistan and Afghanistan, South Asian folklore, applied linguistics and second language acquisition, discourse analysis, and the discourse of travel.

Kiva SilverHistory; early modern and modern social, intellectual and cultural European history, specializing in France, nations and nationalism and European immigration history.  

Matthew Lasar, History; specializing in 20th Century U.S. economic, social, and political history, the history of broadcasting, and the history of U.S. corporations.

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, Languages; specializing in Hebrew language and culture, biblical Hebrew syntax and semantics, the Hebrew Bible, Jewish thought, psycholinguistics, second language acquisition, and bilingualism.

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Core Course Instructors

For current Core Course Instructor information, please click here.

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Stevenson Provosts

Matt O'Hara (2020-present)

Alice Yang (2010-2020)

Ellen Suckiel (2004-2010)

Margo Hendricks (2001-2004)

Tyler Stovall (1998-2001)

Mark Cioc (1994-1998)

Carlos Norena (1991-1994)

Denis McElrath (1985-1991)

David Kaun (1981-1985)

Joseph Silverman (1974-1981)

Glenn Wilson (1967-1974)

Charles Page (1966-1967)

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Honorary Fellows

Jack Baskin

Joseph Esherick

Boris Keyser

Norman Lezin

Eleanor McGovern

Gurden Mooser

Charles Neider

Charles H. Page

William M. Roth

F.M. Glenn Willson

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Fellows in Residence

Jesse Jackson (1998)

Greg Sarris (1997)

Lourdes Portillo (1992)

Moctesuma Esparza (1992) 

Pat Conroy (1990) 

Donald McHenry (1988)

Peter Shaffer (1987)

Clark Kerr (1987) 

Carole King (1985)

Arthur S. Flemming (1984) 

Paul Sarbanes (1983) 

Bella Abzug (1983)

George McGovern (1982)