Distinguished Faculty and Alumni Lectures

Each Winter and Spring quarter Stevenson hosts a Distinguished Faculty or Alumni Lecture followed by a reception at the Stevenson Provost House. We welcome students, staff, faculty, and community members at this fun event.

Stevenson Distinguished Faculty and Alumni Lectures in Recent Years:

2019-20 Academic Year

2018-19 Academic Year

  • Phillip Hammack, Professor of Psychology, "Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Era of Radical Authenticity"
  • Meredith Jaeger, UCSC Alumni, "Historical Fiction Workshop"

2017-18 Academic Year

  • Laura Rosenzweig, UCSC Alumni, "The Story of Hollywood’s Spies"
  • Alice Yang, Stevenson Provost, "And Then They Came For Us"

2016-17 Academic Year

  • Ivy Sichel, Associate Professor of Linguistics, "Ideology and Identity in the Revival of Spoken Hebrew"
  • Alma Rachel HeckmanAssistant Professor of History & Jewish Studies, "The Politics of Belonging"

2015-16 Academic Year

  • Elaine Sullivan, Assistant Professor of History, "Past Time, Past Place"
  • Grant Mcguire, Associate Professor of Linguistics, "Hearing Gender"

2014-15 Academic Year

  • Jaye Padgett, Professor of Linguistics, "What Irish Gaelic Tells Us About All Linguistic Sound Systems"
  • Beth Haas, Professor of History, "M: Mother, Mountains, Migration, and Memory"

2013-14 Academic Year

  • Noriko Aso, Associate Professor of History, "Mitsukoshi at War: Rationalizing Luxury"
  • Maziar Toosarvandani, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, "Talking about time in a language without tense"

2012-13 Academic Year

  • Adrian Brasoveanu, Associate Professor Linguistics, "Scales of Negativity"
  • Marilyn Westerkamp, Professor of History, "Gracious Invaders and Frightened Magistrates: Gender, Charisma, and the Limits of Political Power in Seventeenth Century New England"

2011-12 Academic Year

  • Alice P. Mead, "How Can a Marijuana Product Become an Accepted Medical Option?"
  • Jerome Neu, Professor of Humanities, "More Speech, Better Speech as the Best Defense"
  • Tom Adams, "Life in Media: From Homer to the iPad"
  • Bruce Thompson, Lecturer in History and Literature, "Justice in Genesis"
  • Charles Hedrick, Professor of History, "Matthew and the Historical Jesus"
  • Gershom Gorenberg, UCSC alumnus on his forthcoming book, "The Unmaking of Israel"
  • Jerome Frisk, Lecturer, "Taoism: Returning to the Place of Our Beginnings"
  • Raoul Birnbaum, Professor and Patricia and Rowland Rebele Endowed Chair in History of Art and Visual Culture, "Lotus Sutra"
  • Pranav Anand, Assistant Professor, Linguistics, "All I Want are Some Honest Answers to My Questions: Tracking Argumentation and Stance in Online Political Debate"
  • Matt O'Hara, Associate Professor, History, "Universality and Difference in Colonial Mexico"

2010-11 Academic Year

  • Dr. Terrence Roberts, "Simple, Not Easy; Reflections on Social Responsibility and Race"
  • Professor Matt Wagers, "Grammar on the Trailing Edge of the Conscious Present: What We Can Learn about Memory form Language Processing"
  • Professor Mark Cioc, "I Can See Mexico from My House": The Role of El Paso, Texas, in the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920)
  • Professors Ellen Suckiel and Mary Rorty, "Advance in Biotechnology and Medicine: Stretching the Moral Boundaries"
  • Professor Gregg Herken, "A History Mystery: Was J. Oppenheimer, 'Father of the Atomic Bomb,' a Soviet Spy?"; Spring 2011

2009-10 Academic Year

  • Armin Mester, Professor of Linguistics, "Shades of Foreignness;" Spring 2010 
  • Sally Sedgwick, "Reason and History: Kant versus Hegel;" Spring 2010
  • Forrest Robinson, Professor of American Studies, "My Mark Twain;" Winter 2010

2008-09 Academic Year

  • James McCloskey, Professor of Linguistics, "Sex and the Irish Language;" Spring 2009
  • Jonathan Kirsch, "Harlots, Holy Books, and History: Confessions of a Vulgarizer;" Spring 2009
  • Mark Traugott, Professor of History, "The Revolutionary Barricade: How it Originated and What it Teaches Us about how History is Written;" Winter 2009

2007-08 Academic Year

  • Junko Ito, Professor of Linguistics, "What Anime and Karaoke Have In Common: A linguistic Perspective"; Spring 2008
  • Buchanan Sharp, Professor of History, "Kings, Commoners, and Food: The Moral Economy in Medieval England"; Winter 2008
  • John R. Rickford, "African American Vernacular English, LInguistics, and the Black/White Achievement Gap in American Schools", Fall 2008

2006-07 Academic Year

  • Jonathan Beecher, Professor of History, "The Making and Unmaking of a Christian Bolshevik: The Soviet Years of Pierre Pascal"; Spring 2007
  • Jaye Padgett, Professor of Linguistics, "Perception and Linguistic Sound Systems;" Winter 2006

2005-06 Academic Year

  • Isebill Gruhn, Professor of Politics Emerita, "Africa—Continent in Crisis: Does it Matter?;" Spring 2006
  • Donka Farkas, Professor of Linguistics, "A Transylvanian in Search of Meaning;" Fall 2005

2004-05 Academic Year

  • Peter Kenez, Professor of History, "Autobiography and History;" Spring 2005
  • Jorge Hankamer, Professor of Linguistics, "What Can Computers Tell Us About Turkish?;" Winter 2005