Student Records

Unofficial Student Records

Stevenson College maintains the unofficial record for matriculated Stevenson College Students. The unofficial record is maintained for five years after a student graduates. Files of students who are neither matriculated nor graduated may be held indefinitely, but a new unofficial record may need to be recreated after two years of separation from the university.

A student's unofficial record may include: student advising contact notes, admissions information, academic standing letters, academic standing charts, as well as university petitions and correspondence.

A student's unofficial record does not include copies of performance evaluations. Performance evaluations are available to students through the student portal at  Students are encouraged to review their evaluations online each quarter, using them as a valuable assessment of their academic performance. If a student requires a copy of their evaluation(s) and is unable to print them online, please contact the college office.  (Effective Fall 2010, performance evaluations are not mandatory.  Please consult your instructors for performance evaluation option for the class.)

Accuracy of Student Data

Students are responsible for the accuracy of their student data. If you have any updates please make them via your student portal.