Current Students

  • Stevenson students are some of the most dedicated at the University and are passionate about the future; this page is designed to help get you there. Below are several sections with all that Stevensonians should know. If you have more specific questions please contact that office directly.


    Academic Advisers at Stevenson College will help students clarify general education and graduation questions, as well as developing a suitable academic plan. Stevenson College also funds several yearly scholarships to qualifying students. Finally, Stevenson College also hosts a commencement ceremony for students once they complete their degrees or as they are close to completing their graduation requirements. Click the Academics link to learn more about academics at Stevenson College.

    Residential Services

    The ResNet program, which stands for RESidential NETwork, is a joint effort between The Colleges and University Housing Services and Information Technology Services (ITS). ResNet provides free wireless internet access to all Stevenson dorms and apartments. If you have a device that does not support wireless connections, we suggest you purchase a wifi adapter. For further information regarding ResWiFi’s minimum software and hardware standards as well as configuration details, please visit

    Leadership Opportunities

    Stevenson College provides many leadership opportunities for students who are looking to get involved in the Stevenson community. The college has various volunteer and paid positions that are open for everybody to apply to. Click the Leadership Opportunities link to learn about some of the ways you can be a part of the Stevenson community.

    Housing and University Policies

    Stevenson College and the University require all students to follow certain rules and codes of conduct while they attend UC, Santa Cruz. Make sure you are familiar with all of these. Click the Housing and University Policies link to read all of the required materials.

  • Academics

  • Advising Office

    Advising Staff are here to assist you in your academic endeavors by providing you with guidance, support, and information. They can advise you on many issues during your time at UCSC, from helping you select your first UCSC classes to making sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements for graduation. The Advising Office is a great resource for students and has drop in hours Monday - Friday 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM.

    For more details on the Advising Office click here

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  • Scholarships

    Stevenson College sponsors several scholarships and research projects for Stevenson students. The scholarships have different due dates and prerequisites, so check the scholarship page for current information. The student research project funds are awarded every quarter through Provost Alice Yang

    For more information on Scholarships or Research Project Funds click here

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  • Stevenson Commencement Ceremony

    Every year Stevenson hosts a commencement ceremony for its graduating students. Commencement and graduation are two separate things. Graduation is the act of conferring an academic degree (receiving your degree and diploma) whereas commencement is a ceremony to celebrate your achievements. Information about commencement usually gets posted online during the Winter Quarter so do not forget to check the Stevenson Home Page.

    For more information on Commencement click here

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  • Residential Services

  • Internet Access

    The ResNet program, which stands for RESidential NETwork, is a joint effort between The Colleges and University Housing Services and Information Technology Services (ITS). Using the ethernet port in your room provides a direct connection to the campus network and the Internet. There are ethernet ports in all bedrooms. For information about computer standards, specifications, or other questions, visit ResNet online at You can also e-mail questions to

    All lounges in the Stevenson Residence Halls and Stevenson Apartments have wireless internet access.

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  • Postal Services and Mailroom

    Stevenson College has a dedicated mailroom that receives all letters for students as well as packages from all major shipping companies. Students living at Stevenson College are assigned a mailbox, which is located in the basement of House 9. If you lose your mailbox key, you must pay for a new one; the cost is currently $15.00.

    When you receive a package at your college address, you will be sent an automated email notification. Packages can be picked up during the mailroom hours.

    Please be sure that your complete name and address is put on your mail, otherwise your mail may be delayed or sent back.

    At the end of the year, please fill out a mail forwarding form. Please be aware that we only forward your first class US Postal Service mail over the summer. We do not store letters or packages over the summer. Packages from private shipping companies will be returned to sender.

    The Stevenson Student address is (Xs stand for box numbers):

    Student's Name
    UCSC, Stevenson College, #XXX
    551 Stevenson Service Road
    Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1107

    If you are a Stevenson student living off campus and would like a mailbox at Stevenson, please contact the Stevenson mailroom staff to make arrangements.

    Please direct questions to Stevenson Mailroom staff at

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  • Banking Services

    Most major California banks have branches in Santa Cruz. Check with your local office for branch information. Bay Federal Credit Union, Bank of America and Wells Fargo have on-campus automatic teller machines at the Quarry Plaza.  The University Cashier’s Office will cash checks up to $25.00 with a valid student ID for a 25¢ service charge.

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  • Laundry Services

    Each house is equipped with two sets of card-operated washing machines and dryers, the apartments have a dedicated card-operated laundry room. Cards can be loaded on-line with credit cards or with cash in the machine located in the Recreation Room at Stevenson.

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  • Transportation

    UC Santa Cruz provides many transportation options for its students to utilize. The University maintains a fleet of buses that are operated through Transportation and Parking Services, TAPS, that run frequently throughout the campus. TAPS also provides disability vans for those who need special assistance. The Santa Cruz Metro Transit District, SCMTD, also runs its buses through the campus and is the primary way to travel off campus. 

    Eligible students can also purchase daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly parking passes for their cars. For eligibility and pricing please click here.

    The campus has many walking paths and trails that you can use to travel within the University on foot or by bike. 

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  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Residential Advisors

    Residential Advisors (RAs) are student leaders who are resources for all students living in the residential houses and apartments.  In return for room and board, they build community, act as a liaison between administration and students, and enforce policy. RAs are a pivotal part of Stevenson College and are students who exemplify the qualities that we seek. 

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  • Programs Assistants

    Programs Assistants (PAs) are students who assist the Programs Office in planning and running many of the programs you will see here at Stevenson.  They are accessible to anyone who has an idea for an upcoming event. PAs are the hosts of many activities such as College Night and College Wide Programs here at Stevenson College.  They are a wonderful addition to Stevenson College and eagerly await any input you may give them. 

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  • Outreach Leaders

    Outreach Leaders (OLs) are students who volunteer to assist students during their first year at Stevenson College. They aid the PAs and RAs in programs such as College Nights, Commencement, Fall Orientation, and various other events throughout the year. OLs are a great resource to students and can provide assistance and guidance in a new University setting.

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  • Student Groups

    Over the years Stevenson students have created several groups that address some of the facets of life at UC Santa Cruz. Each group is run and managed by students, and is advised by a Stevenson professional staff member. The five groups are Stevenson Student Council, the Multicultural Awareness Club (MAC), and Path to a Greener Stevenson (PTAGS)

  • University, Housing and College Policies

  • Students and members of the University community are required to read and be familiar with all campus student, housing and college specific policies.

    Student Policies and Regulations 

    Housing Policies and Contracts

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