Life At Stevenson College

Welcome to Stevenson College! Founded in 1966, Stevenson is the second college established at UC Santa Cruz and is named after democratic presidential candidate and Ambassador to the United Nations, Adali E. Stevenson. On this page you can learn more about Stevenson College's enthusiastic student population, thought-provoking core course, and dedication to the new student experience. 

Inside the Classroom

Stevenson College is known across campus for its intriguing two-quarter core course "Self and Society." Students will read religious and philosophical writings, autobiographies and even graphic novels. Stevenson is also home to several special courses and the multicultural Rainbow Theatre. Click the Inside the Classroom link to learn more about the academic side of Stevenson College.

Outside the Classroom

Stevenson also has a wide variety of activities and groups for students who are looking for dynamic social experiences. The Stevenson Programs Office frequently hosts events for students looking to meet new people and the Stevenson Student Groups are a great way to get involved. Click the Outside the Classroom link to learn more about activities at Stevenson College.

Living at Stevenson

Stevenson offers many room types in both traditional residence halls and in apartments. UC Santa Cruz also provides its students with delicious and nutritious food, most of which is grown locally. Click the Living at Stevenson link to learn more about what it is like to live at Stevenson College.

Photo Gallery

Take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose to live and learn at Stevenson College. Click the Photo Gallery link to see what being a Stevenson student is really like. 

    Inside the Classroom

  • Core Books

    Core - Self and Society

    All ten residential colleges at UCSC require their freshmen to take a core course. Unlike other colleges’ one-quarter core, Stevenson’s core course, "Self and Society," is two quarters long and can fulfill up to three general education requirements. Because students explore relationships between selves and societies for two quarters, our core course embodies, defines, and redefines our academic traditions and community.

    The Stevenson Core Course, Self and Society, expresses the strong and continuing commitment of the College’s provost and the Stevenson faculty to provide a comprehensive and effective general education curriculum. Over the fall and winter quarters students read eighteen texts, many of which they will read in future courses; meet in small discussion groups two or three days a week to share and debate their reactions to the texts; and write at least fifty pages.

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  • Stevenson Lectern-TEXT: Adlai E. Stevenson College University of California Santa Cruz

    Core Plenaries

    The Stevenson Core course also includes Monday night lectures, or plenaries, that enhance the topics discussed in class. Often times the plenaries and core texts line up in such a way to introduce students to different perspectives and ideas. Depending on the topic, plenaries may include professors, distinguished alumni or core instructors, who are experts in the core texts. Core plenaries are from 7:00 PM until about 8:30 PM on Monday nights in the Fall and Winter quarter.

    Stevenson also hosts Distinguished Alumni and Faculty Lectures for students, faculty, and community members. Students are not required to attend these lectures, but may include topical discussions that often relate back to the core principles of "Self and Society." 

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  • Students In A Stevenson Class

    2 Unit and Special Courses

    Stevenson college also offers a variety of 2 unit and special courses that are open to every student at UC Santa Cruz. Some classes discuss, in more detail, the core ethos of self and society, others explore the essence of diversity and multiculturalism through "cultural intelligence" and theatre, and some instruct and prepare students for the rigors of collegiate academics. 

    The 2 unit courses and special courses can change from year to year so be sure to check the course catalogue in your portal for the most current information.

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  • Rainbow Theater Logo

    Rainbow Theater

    Rainbow Theater was established in 1994 with a mission to create unity, higher visibility, and understanding of the various cultures within our communities. By giving students an opportunity to experience multicultural literature through lectures and productions, Rainbow Theater serves to enhance the cultural climate of the UCSC Campus and its surrounding community and celebrates diversity. Rainbow Theater performances foster the spirit of unity by breaking down cultural walls, providing an outlet for creative talents of various ethnic groups, and focusing on the concerns of our communities.

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  • Outside the Classroom

  • Nintendo College Night

    College Nights

    College nights are special monthly dinner events that bring the Stevenson students, staff and faculty together to enjoy lively entertainment and an extraordinary dinner in the company of friends. Every college night has a special theme that can focus on regional food and culture, various time periods, popular books or movies. A special menu is prepared for each college night and are events that Stevensonians always look forward to.

    Stevenson also hosts a variety of college wide-events for students. All students are welcome to join and participate in events designed to educate and promote a sense of community.

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  • Student Groups

    Student Groups

    Over the years Stevenson students have created several groups that address some of the facets of life at UC Santa Cruz. Each group is run and managed by students, and is advised by a Stevenson professional staff member. The five groups are Stevenson Student Council, the Multicultural Advisory Club (MAC), and Path to a Greener Stevenson (PTAGS).

  • Stevenson Knoll

    Stevenson Knoll

    Overlooking the OPERS complex and the Monterey Bay it is one of UC Santa Cruz's most scenic destinations. It is not uncommon to find students reading, painting, playing music, or just simply hanging out at the knoll after classes or on the weekends. The knoll is also the stage for various student programs like movies, night stargazing, and the popular Rock & Roll on the Knoll.

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  • Stevenson Garden TEXT:Stevenson Garden

    Stevenson Garden

    Stevenson also has a newly installed garden at the Stevenson Knoll. The Stevenson Garden is a community space for educational workshops, classes and projects, as well as a wonderful place for events and gatherings. The garden is a collaboration of Path to a Green Stevenson (PTAGS), Stevenson Student Council, student interns, faculty, and staff.  

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  • Living at Stevenson

  • Outside House 6

    Housing - Room Options, Amenities, Themed Houses and Floors

    Each Residential Hall or House is three stories tall and has approximately 40 rooms. Stevenson has singles, triples, large triples, and even quads which are assigned based on your housing application (filled it out after you choose a college) and availability. Each house possesses three bathrooms with showers, two washing machines and dryers, and WiFi in each house lounge. The rooms have cable tv and internet connections as well as a bed, mattress, desk and dresser. Most residential spaces are shared by at least three students, so we encourage you and your roommates to talk about what appliances to bring. Remember to check the housing regulations on what is and is not allowed

    To take a virtual tour of the Stevenson residential spaces click here

    Stevenson also has a variety of specially-themed houses and floors for students. Residents are allowed, and even encouraged to participate in any house-themed events. Though themed housing is not exclusive to Stevenson College, our themed residential halls are active and on the cutting edge of programming. 

    For more details on themed houses and floors click here

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  • Stevenson/Cowell Dining Hall


    UC Santa Cruz has five dining halls that are shared by sister colleges. Ours is called the Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall. Though every student can enter any dining hall with their meal plan most Stevenson students prefer eating at the Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall for its delicious and healthy food. UC Santa Cruz Dining is on the cutting edge of sustainability practices and participates in a Santa Cruz County composting program that diverts 50 tons of food scraps from the landfill to make nutrient rich compost. They also purchase fresh locally grown food and will serve produce from the UC Santa Cruz Farm.

    UC Santa Cruz also has a verity of cafes and restaurants located across campus. All of them also take Flexi Dollars, "food dollars" included as part of all quarterly meal plans.

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  • Stevenson Coffee House

    Stevenson Coffee House

    The Stevenson Coffee House has been a long-standing place for college students looking for delicious food and tasty treats. Established in 1975, the coffee house has always been a great place to study, talk with friends, or just take a break from the rigors of college life. Along with providing sandwiches, coffee, pastries and salads, they are known campus wide for their famous "fudgies." Come on by and try one!

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Photo Gallery

  • Students Having A Blast
  • Stevenson Main Quad
  • Students Enjoying College Night
  • Students Taking A Hike
  • Sunset On The Knoll
  • The Banana Slug
  • Sunset Over The Apartments
  • Students Look At The View
  • Stevenson Coffee House
  • View From The Knoll
  • Stevenson Fireside Lounge
  • Autumn At Stevenson