Student Council

    Stevenson Student Council

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    Mission Statement: The purpose of Stevenson Student Council is to understand ourselves and each other more through cross-community solidarity, meaningful discussion, and self-governance.

    Stevenson Student Council is the governing body for Stevenson students. The primary responsibilities of the council include the allocation of the College Membership fund, making recommendations on policies, staffing and publicizing student elections, informing Stevenson students about issues and events occurring both at UCSC and across the University of California, and the appointment of students to university committees.

    The council consists of representatives from each of the eight residential houses, apartments and off-campus students. 

    Meetings are held every Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m. in the Stevenson Silverman Conference Room. All Stevenson students are welcome to join.

    Student groups and organizations can make requests for funding from Stevenson Student Council. 

    This is the Stevenson Student Council Constitution.

    Contact Stevenson Student Council by emailing