PA/OL Information

Stevenson Outreach Leader (OL)

What do Outreach Leaders do?

  • Fall training and team building with Stevenson residential and programming staff
  • Plan and prepare programs/activities for fall welcome week
  • Assist with fall move-in and the June commencement ceremony (mandatory)
  • Be a recognizable face for frosh/new students to come to with questions, concerns,
  • Be a voice for frosh/new students to assist the Programs Office in meeting the needs and suggestions throughout the year of the Stevenson community
  • Foster community for new Stevenson students by creating and implementing social programs/activities (past events: pumpkin decorating, brinner, open mics, trivia)

What are we looking for?

  • Strong interest in building leadership skills
  • Commitment to the Stevenson community and the mission of the college
  • Stevenson students in good standing academically and judicially
  • Desire to mentor freshmen/new students
  • Desire to help freshmen learn of the resources available to them and adjust them to college life
  • Positive role model resident (complies with policies and laws, attends events, and is a respectful and friendly neighbor)
  • Attend, publicize, and volunteer for college programs and events


(This position does not receive any financial compensation)
  • Earn 2 units through our Leadership Training course
  • Early move-in (if you have on-campus housing) before the freshmen arrive in the Fall
  • Free meals during Fall training
  • Staff t-shirt
  • OL appreciation dinner/gifts at the end of Fall quarter

When will the application & hiring process begin?

The application is now open. Apply by February 1 to be considered for 2017-18 academic year. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Christine Choi

(831) 459-3108