Statement of Principles

Adlai E. Stevenson College is founded on and devoted to the common pursuit of tolerance, acceptance and understanding at all levels of college life. We encourage the participation of all who share this commitment in our community.

We honor the differences of persons both in their private lives and in the contributions they make to our common life. Free expression of views and mutual respect are crucial to our community. Conduct which discriminates on the basis of race, gender, age, social class, religion, creed, nationality, sexual preference, physical ability, or political views will not go unchallenged.

At Stevenson, we respect friendship, honesty, diversity, community, individual freedom, individual responsibility, and academic integrity. Individual freedom in a community requires respect for one another and for the beauty of the college. Responsibility for personal actions, regardless of circumstances, is required of every Stevenson student, staff and faculty member. Academic integrity fosters a positive learning environment.

As members of Stevenson College, we believe these values to be essential and we seek these values in every individual. The Statement of Principles strives to encompass those values that the Stevenson community believes to be crucial to college life. It is a living document that can and should evolve with the college.

-Adopted May 1988