Stevenson Honor Code

Adlai E. Stevenson College was founded on and is devoted to the common pursuit of academic excellence, honesty, diversity, community, individual freedom, individual responsibility and integrity in all aspects of college life.  We honor the differences of persons both in their private lives and in the contributions they make to our common life.  Free expressions of views and mutual respect are crucial to our community and we encourage the participation of all who share this commitment in our community.  Individual freedom in a community requires respect for one another and for the beauty of the college; and responsibility for personal actions, regardless of circumstances, is required of every Stevenson student.  Academic integrity fosters a positive learning environment and is required of all students.  As members of Stevenson College, we believe these values to be essential and we seek to foster these values in all members of the Stevenson community.

Stevenson’s success as an intellectual and residential community is predicated upon its willingness to first articulate its standard of conduct and second to strive to foster in its members the qualities of character and responsible behavior necessary to the well being of the Stevenson College community.

The Stevenson College Honor Code is based upon the Stevenson College Statement of Principles and aims:

  • To sustain Stevenson College community commitment to honesty and integrity in the academic classroom;
  • To cultivate and maintain an environment conducive to Stevenson College’s academic and residential mission;
  • To ensure that all members of Stevenson College and their guests remain free from unwarranted interference or harm;
  • To hold all members of Stevenson College, whether individuals or groups, responsible for their actions and behavior; and
  • To uphold the campus Academic Integrity Policy.

“Conduct which discriminates on the basis of race, sex, gender, gender identity, age, social class, religion, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability or political views” will be challenged within the community.  Any conduct which constitutes a violation of the campus rules and the campus Academic Integrity policy (UCSC Rule Book section 102.00, “Grounds for Discipline”) may result in the loss of membership and its privileges in the Stevenson College community.