Stevenson College Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program


Stevenson College sponsors an Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program for Stevenson juniors and seniors. Students are paired with a Stevenson Fellow to work up to 70 hours throughout the academic year as paid research apprentices on the faculty member's research.

The program is designed to inspire and prepare Stevenson students to pursue graduate studies upon graduation from UCSC. It provides undergrads with research experience as well as personal and professional development for Stevenson juniors and seniors. Stevenson Fellows nominate a student whose work they are familiar with and whose interests are similar to their own area of research and expertise. As part of their mentorship, students will be employed as Research Assistants up to a maximum of $1050 for the academic year. Tasks can include writing summaries of readings, library research, photocopying, organizing materials, creating annotated bibliographies, and assisting with the organization of conferences and workshops. Faculty participants provide students with academic and professional guidance, advice about the process of applying to graduate schools, and serve as their mentors.

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