CSL Studio - College Student Life Production Studio

[SITE UNDER CONSTRUCITON - If you would like to reuqest studio support, contact cslstudi@ucsc.edu]

What Is CSL Studio

The College Student Life (CSL) production studio is a resource for students, staff and faculty of UC Santa Cruz who wan to produce virtual events, lead virtual workshops, host trainings, record and/or broadcast keynote speakers, and more! Whether recorded and sent through sophisticated post-production editing, or live streamed on the latest platforms, CSL Studio can help make your production the best it can be!

You're not alone - many students and University personnel alike simply don't have access to industry-grade production and broadcast streaming equipment; it's expensive and difficult to use if you're not operating this stuff on a regular basis. But this shouldn't prevent you from tackling a quality production project, making a video on par with your favorite digital content, or learning about OBS and video editing! We have a lot of that knowledge and equipment here at the studio, and it's here for you :-)

Who Is CSL Studio

CSL Studio is managed and operated by University professional-staff and student Tech Crew, but YOU are the visionary and mind behind the show - we are simply here to aid you in technical processes, provide technical oversight, and equip you with the tech that you'll need to reach your audience.

Our student Tech Crews are on site during the planning, recording, and post-production process to provide whatever help you need. With backgrounds in Audio/Visual, Sound/Lighting, as Theater Techs and Event Managers, our student Tech Crew and pro-staff managers have the knowledge and expertise to help you deliver polished digital content to your audiences.

If you have an event (in-person or virtual), activity or program, presentation or keynote, workshop or any other vision, but don't have access to the technical equipment, knowledge, or just want some help from experienced personnel, we're here for you!

How It Works

  1. Conceptualize your production;
  2. Submit a 'reservation request form' to book studio time and tell us what you're hoping to do;
  3. Then we'll get in touch with you and start planning!


Equipment and Tech Used in Production

  • FULL Adobe Suite video/audio editing software (Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, etc.)
  • OBS (Online Broadcast Streaming) and StreamLabs software for live-streaming
  • Epidemic Sound stock-music archive to for video sound scoring and musical atmos
  • Sony alpha a6000 camera (for high-res recording and streaming)
  • In-house iMac desktop for editing/recording/streaming
  • In-house Macbook Pro laptop for additional desktop workspace
  • DJI Ronin-s Gimbal for sophisticated dynamic filming
  • Green screen for dynamic virtual backdrops
  • And array of studio lighting fixtures for high-def aesthetics
  • ... list all pertinent equipment & tools


Fees and Costs

  • tbd...


Our Operating Principles

  • share community objectives
  • how do we/CSL studio embody elements of the Curricular Approach and UCSC Principals of Community



  • post calendar to show upcoming schedule/show studio 'availability' (linked to the cslstudi functional Google Cal)

News, Announcements, Updates

  • maintain a regular line of communication of studio developments, changes,etc.
  • share news about newly-acquired resources and tools
  • share recent productions and testimonies from studio clientele


For a look at the CSL Studio portfolio, and to get a feel for what types of content you can create through the studio, checkout our YouTube channel!