Stevenson's Commencement Ceremony will be held June 14th 2020, at 6pm on the East Field ceremony site.

All questions should go to

    Commencement deadlines

    • March 13, 12:00pm - Registration opens (and non-affiliate petition)
    • April 24, 11:59pm - Deadline for non-affiliates to petition register
    • May 4, 11:59pm - Deadline to register for affiliates
    • May 15, 12:00pm - Tickets available (online)
    • June 1 - Parking permits available
    • June 8, 11:59pm- Last day to claim tickets (online)
  • Ticketing

    Students and their guests should expect to be issued tickets and parking permits. In 2019, students were issued 6 tickets each and two parking permits.


    Registration is not open. 

  • No Pets

    Please note that UCSC has a “no pet” policy that is strictly enforced. Only animals utilized for disability accommodation as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are allowed. If you enter campus with a pet, you will be asked to leave. There are several “pet hotels” in Santa Cruz County equipped to board your pets; please check local listings. Thank you! 


    We ask that you and your family do not bring drones to the commencement ceremony.