Stevenson College celebrates Linda Peterson's (Stevenson, 1970) Fiat Lux Award

As the chair of the Campaign for UC Santa Cruz, Linda has championed the university. 

When Linda Peterson took on the public role as chair of the committee that would lead the first-ever comprehensive Campaign for UC Santa Cruz, she captured the moment with these words: “It’s not just the right time, it’s about time. We’ve been too shy too long.” With that spirit she engaged fellow trustees and donors in guiding the campaign to its successful conclusion--ahead of schedule, exceeding its original goals, and bringing new vibrancy to campus. Taking to heart the need for everyone to do their part, she brought full circle the experiences she had as a history major and member of the UC Santa Cruz founding class. Her generous commitment of time, energy, and ideas to the campaign and her personal philanthropy embody the goodwill and ethos of public service that is a hallmark UC Santa Cruz, its students and alumni. She is a graduate of the Boston University School of Law and retired associate general counsel at Occidental Petroleum. She makes her home in Los Angeles.