2015 Family Day

Stevenson Careers in Law (2 units) and Stevenson Careers in Science and Technology (2 units); Stevenson is offering two new 2-unit courses that will connect you with alumni who can provide practical career advice.  CHECK IT OUT!

College News

Welcome New Students

For a successful transition to the university, visit the First Year Advising page in the Advising section of the Stevenson College website: http://stevenson.ucsc.edu/advising/first-year-adv/index.html.

For help with everything you need to know about enrolling for fall, see the new student enrollment information available here:  http://stevenson.ucsc.edu/advising/new-student-enrollment-info.html.

Stevenson Events

Nintendo College Night, January 21

Family Day, Feburary 7 (RSVP by January 25)

For more details and other events please visit our Stevenson Events Calendar.

For information about Cultural Arts and Diversity, click here.

Stevenson Commencement

A Stevensonian celebrates!

Stevenson's Commencement will be held Sunday June 14th, 2015 at 1:00pm. 

Registration is now open for Stevenson Commencement.