Summer 2015 Orientation

Stevenson College hosted an orientation program for parents and families.

The presentations are now available on the Summer Orientation page.

Welcome 15-16 Students!

• Submit your official transcripts to the Admissions Office by July 1.
• Attend Summer Orientation.
• Enroll in fall courses during your summer orientation session. If you are not able to attend orientation, you may begin enrolling on Aug. 3.

For help with everything you need to know about enrolling for fall, click here.

See you during orientation and/or September.

Stevenson Events

For more details and other events please visit the Stevenson Buzz page.

A great source for happenings and important info is the Stevenson Facebook page

For information about Cultural Arts and Diversity, click here.

Stevenson Commencement

Family celebrates at Stevenson Commencement 2015

Stevenson's Commencement was held Sunday June 14th, 2015.

Please check our Facebook page for photos from this happy event.