Residential Selection 2018-19

Are you looking for ways to become more involved at UCSC? Are you wanting to find new and exciting ways to make a positive impact wherever you go? Do you want to be a leader amongst your peers? Consider becoming a Resident Advisor at Cowell or Stevenson Colleges!

If you are interested and just want some more information about the job, consider attending one of our information sessions. Just look for the Blue and Gold "NOW HIRING" advertisements around Cowell and Stevenson for details on the dates, times, and locations of these sessions.
Please view the link below to apply for the position:

In addition to the supplemental application, we are requiring you to complete the application from the ER website. The ER#'s for the following positions are below:

Stevenson Houses: #3563

Stevenson Apartments: #8444

Both applications are required to be further considered for the position.
Thank you for considering this amazing opportunity and we are looking forward to meeting you in this hiring process. 

We are accepting applications from Monday, January 8, 2018 until Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018-19 Cowell & Stevenson RA Recruitment Timeline

Please note the following dates for staff recruitment this year.  Some dates may change; however, every effort will be made to stick to the original schedule.

JANUARY 09 Information Session II* @ 9pm, Cowell Apartment Community Room

JANUARY 10 Information Session III* @ 9pm, Stevenson Fireside Lounge

JANUARY 16 Information Session IV* @ 2pm, Cowell Apartment Community Room

JANUARY 17 RA Applicant Interview Workshop** 7-8:30pm, Cowell Senior Commons

JANUARY 24, 2018 Applications submitted by 11:59 PM.

FEBRUARY 2, 2018  2018 Group Process for candidates

FEBRUARY  2018 Individual Interview invites to Candidates

FEBRUARY 2018 Individual Interviews. At the Group Process you must sign up for an individual time slot during those days.  All interviews will take place in the Housing/Residence Life office.

MARCH 9, 2018 RA offer/no offer/alternate letters sent out.

Please direct all questions to Stacey Faulk at

**This is an optional workshop for applicants wanting to gain information and practice on effective interviewing skills. Questions regarding this workshop should be directed to Hailey Lopez at

Cowell/Stevenson Residence Life Staff!!!