Stevenson Community Garden

  • The Stevenson Community Garden is a space for all people to explore, grow, and learn as well as to educate our community about the role food systems play into sustainability and food/environmental justice. While transforming the landscape and soil into fertile, productive and educational land, the garden also hopes to create a space where social and environmental issues are tied together.

    With the support of the Campus Sustainability Council, Stevenson Student Council, and the dedicated staff and volunteers the garden is thriving. All are welcome to get involved in the Stevenson Garden! Some ways to get involved are: attend a weekly work day, come by for one of our events, or sign up for a 2 unit internship through the ENVS internship office.
    For more information regarding work day hours, community events, and more check out the Stevenson Facebook and Instagram, or email us at

    ally headshot

    Ally Sanchez-Horning is the Events Coordinators for the Stevenson Garden.

    They are a 3rd year Stevenson affiliate, double majoring is Feminist Studies and Environmental studies. They are passionate about the outdoors and look forward to a great year in the garden. 

    Shania Shania works at the garden as Treasurer. Shania Andrews is a second year from Sacramento, California majoring in Business Management Economics. She is on the UCSC Women’s Volleyball team and she loves connecting with the outdoors through gardening. Shania is outgoing and enjoys the outdoors and gardening because it draws her away from technology and materialistic items. She also appreciates listening to good music and going to the beach with her friends.
    asha headshot
    Asha works at the garden as Crop Production Manager.
    She is a proposed psychology Major with an interest in geriatric care. She grew up gardening with her family, and have even done gardening at a skilled nursing community. She's excited to get some plants in our Garden here, and look forward to meeting new people. 


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