UC Santa Cruz Davis Art Makers

Detail from untitled painting (no date) by Jerrold Davis. Courtesy of the artist

The Davis Art Makers honors Bay Area abstract expressionist Jerrold Davis, who has longstanding ties with the UCSC community. It provides opportunities for students to experience and create visual or tactile art with the inspiration and facilitation of a working artist. A collaborative endeavor funded by donors, it is co-sponsored by Cowell, Stevenson, Crown, and Merrill Colleges to serve their students. Each year we will choose up to four DAM projects, to be sited at one or more of the sponsoring colleges, open to students from any of these colleges. We seek to provide opportunities for students with little previous exposure to art, those who may not have visited museums or had artworks in their homes, as well as those already enthusiastic about it, to engage with and create visual and tactile art.

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